Top Golf ~ Nashville

Venue: Nashville, TN 37207

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Top Golf Nashville
Top Golf Nashville

Base Package: $300

Guests Included: 12

Time: 2hrs

  Premium Package: $450

Additional Guests: $25/guest

Included: Golf, Meal, Soda


Also included in price: Base $300 package includes dedicated Topgolf team to set up and manage party.

Add-ons: $450 price includes up to 18 birthday party guests. Other party upgrades include: Swing tips from a Topgolf Coach; Pin Flag Memento for Guests to sign; & Ultimate Topgolf Goodie Bag. For Adults, their all-inclusive package runs $44 per guest, and includes game play, food, drinks and a dedicated staff member.

What is Topgolf? Topgolf is a game that anyone can play (and win). Score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets on an outfield. The closer you get your ball to the centre or ‘bullseye’ and the further the distance, the more points earned.

Kids parties offered daily (based on availability) for kids 12 and younger. Teen parties also available for kids aged 13-17.

Kids & Teens party start time must be between open and 3 p.m. Events must be booked in advance and require a minimum number of Guests. A maximum of two (2) adults per bay.

Adult parties are also available during afternoon & evenings.

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500 Cowan St. Nashville, TN 37207

(615) 777-3007

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