Day One Biz Card + Sticker

Today we start our journey. Our birthday party journey.

We were fortunate to acquire this domain name back in 2018, and spent the past 10 months developing what you see today. That being – – a simple, straightforward search engine marketplace for birthday party venues (and mobile entertainment operators).

A marketplace focused on parents, and party planners of every type.

We plan to list all operations, big & small, corporate or family-owned, tucked away vs in-plain-sight.

We built the site with info that we – as parents ourselves (hi Sloane) – craved as we party planned. Info like base package price. Premium package price. What’s included? How many guests allowed? And extra services available for an additional fee. Plus lots more.

We wanted to filter listings, and view their location on a map. So we built that. We wanted to sift the listings by age range, by genre, by business type (mobile operation vs venue location), and compare them side-by-side. So we built that in too. We wanted to slice & dice the info as much as possible, so we tried our best to cover a plethora of bases.

We launch with Atlanta, Geo as our base location, and we’ll quickly expand to Nashville & Charlotte by Q1 2020. From there, we’ll stretch to Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, and more. We even plan to include smaller (special) cities like Asheville, Savannah & Charleston. Our rough plan is having 10 major metro cities seeded by Q4 2020.

It’s a rough plan because – well – we have the flexibility to be rough. We’re bootstrapped & independent, and prefer slow & methodical to fast & sloppy. This site will be intensely comprehensive. And sometimes intensely comprehensive requires focus and attention. And we’re happy to give this just that.

The starting gun just fired on this marathon. We’re so thankful to be here. We look forward to helping you plan the perfect party.

– Peter Askew