COVID-19 Impact


As we all continue to self-isolate and mitigate the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to extend our heartfelt thoughts & prayers to all families & business operators. can’t exist without you.

To our regular website visitors: stay tuned – we’re coordinating several birthday party promotions to help kick-start the industry once the virus moves along. Follow us on Twitter for late-breaking announcements:

To our current partners, and industry as a whole: We’re are here to serve you. We’re currently suspending all invoices (and payments due) until the end of the year (2020). If necessary, we’ll extend into 2021. Additionally, if there are ways we can help further promote your business, please reach out.

As a self-funded startup, we’re stubbornly determined to weather this storm, to continue our efforts & serve caregivers and family entertainment centers across the globe.

We’ll beat this, together. Stay safe out there.