(Additional) Filters are your Friends

While the BirthdayParties.com homepage offers filtering by age, gender, and location, our additional filters can truly expand the ability to mix & match results targeted to more specific requirements. These additional filters can be found on our search result page. Simply click each header (above our map) to further refine the results to your interests.

Some additional filters to consider:

? Base Package Price

For those on a budget, or looking to splurge, filtering by base package price allows you to further narrow results by cost. Video tutorial here:

? Venue Type

If you’re on the fence between hosting your birthday party at home versus a birthday party venue, consider sorting by Venue Type. ‘Mobile’ will showcase all mobile party operators who can come to you (or any preferred destination). Alternatively, you can sort by ‘Venue’ to view physical location birthday party places within a specified area. Video tutorial here: <-

? Search Keyword

A powerful filter, simply type a keyword to further narrow your search by venue type or category name. Keyword examples include ‘trampoline’, ‘bowling’, ‘golf’, or ‘skating’. Video tutorial here: