‘Add to Favorites’ for Easy Comparison

As parents ourselves, we felt the task of searching & filtering birthday party venues was a bit overwhelming.

To address this, we created a ‘Favorites’ section, and it works as you might expect.

As you search, sort, and filter birthday party places, simply click the ‘Add to Favorites’ heart icon to add each listing to your short list of places to consider.

Add to Favorites heart icon
Add to Favorites link

After selecting several locations, click the ‘View Favorites’ link at the top of the page to view all your selections on one page.

View Favorites Link
View Favorites Page

Your favorites page will list all locations you’ve selected, and allow you to compare/contrast pricing packages from a high level.

Favorites Page
Favorites Page for Comparison

To start over, simply click the ‘Clear Favorites’ button, and the list will reset to zero.

Best of luck in your planning process – we hope our Favorites area simplifies your selection process and helps you identify the perfect party place ? ? ?